Chris Anthony keeps sharing with Aptera’s YouTube subscribers all the updates with his company. The latest one is the presentation of Sol, Aptera’s last alpha prototype. If you are happy that production will follow soon, that’s not the case: it is now time for the beta prototypes and more tests before the manufacturing stage arrives.

The Sol is not only the last alpha prototype. It also presents the white pearl color that the very first Aptera vehicles shown before the startup died in its first attempt to reach the market. The Sol is also the first Aptera powered only by its front wheels, which will be the most efficient ones.


The names of the prototypes are also those of the color options for the Aptera. Noir was the first alpha prototype after the resurrection, and it was black. After Sol and its shiny white color, it would be time to see Luna, the silver Aptera. We’ll probably meet it only when it arrives as a beta prototype. It would be very cool if Aptera made Luna be the very first among these new vehicles.

According to the Aptera CEO, the beta prototypes will present some improvements compared to the first ones. Anthony refers to more room in the cabin and less aerodynamic drag, making it an even more efficient vehicle.

Anthony and Steve Fambro will be in our podcast next week to tell us more about the beta prototypes and how well the alpha prototypes are doing. We know they are excited about them, but it will be nice to hear that from Aptera’s co-CEOs.

In the video above, Anthony also announced a webinar made by Aptera by the end of May and a new round of funding. Sandy Munro is one of the investors apart from being one of the minds behind mass-production for the electric trike. Anthony and Fambro will tell us more about that next week.

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