In all facets of the automotive, motorcycle, and bicycle industries, a brand comes along that seeks to disrupt the market and produce outlandish vehicles just because they can. In the rapidly growing electric personal mobility segment, a brand called Voro Motors seeks to fill this space with its super fast e-scooters that, in all honesty, blur the lines between what we know of as an e-scooter and a full-blown electric motorcycle.

Voro Motors, you see, has a taste for speed, and it demonstrates it with every electric scooter it releases, proving that electric mobility doesn't have to mean sacrificing performance and enjoyment. Voro's Wolf King e-scooter, for example, can reach miles per hour and accelerate from 0 to 50 miles per hour in 4.8 seconds. Think again, though, if you think the Wolf King is the king of Voro's performance-oriented e-scooter portfolio. The RoadRunner Tronic, a powerful electric scooter with two 5000W motors, was recently presented by the business. This rapid sit-down scooter can reach speeds of up to 65 miles per hour.

Voro Motors Introduces The RoadRunner Tronic Hyperscooter

The RoadRunner Tronic is an enhanced version of the manufacturer's RoadRunner scooter and is billed as the first hyperscooter made in Los Angeles. The regular RoadRunner has a 350W front motor and a 500W rear motor, and it can achieve a top speed of 34 mph, which is more in line with what we're used to with electric scooters. In truth, it's rather impressive, but not even close to the level of performance offered by its pricier Tronic sibling.

Voro Motors' new RoadRunner Tronic may appear to be a little, utility-focused e-scooter, but it packs a powerful punch beneath the surface. This seated scooter has a combined motor output of 10,000W, which it gets from two 5,000W motors, one on each wheel. This corresponds to a peak speed of miles an hour, making it one of the quickest seated e-scooters for adults on the market right now.

Voro Motors Introduces The RoadRunner Tronic Hyperscooter

All of that speed is brilliantly controlled by the Rion Curve throttle and twin Tronic 250 controllers, which were developed in partnership with Tronic Systems. Voro Motors also outfitted the scooter with adjustable front damping, hydraulic brakes on either wheel, and a carbon fiber cockpit that screams race-ready performance. This compact e-scooter has an equally remarkable range, with the 72V/28Ah battery boasting up to 56 miles per charge. The RoadRunner Tronic, unsurprisingly, is not cheap, with its sticker price at $4,500 USD. You can preorder it, as well as all of Voro Motor's super-fast electric options, on the company's website.

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