While Lucid CEO, Peter Rawlinson, is a totally different kind of person compared to the outspoken Elon Musk, he is by no means camera shy and has done a lot over the past few months to get his company noticed, even more than it already has. He recently took to the wheel, driving a pre-production Lucid Air sedan, and now he accepted to answer a few questions for Electric Future.

In the interview, one of the topics that was discussed was production. Rawlinson says they are now currently building the very first pre-production Air sedans (one of which he drove in the aforementioned video). They plan to build a total 120 examples in order to dial in the quality and see if there are any issues anywhere in the production process, a tall order when you’re juggling some 3,000 parts coming in from over 250 global suppliers.

The reasoning behind the Lucid’s pricing structure is also alluded in the interview, as Rawlinson points out that many people who saw his first drive video expressed their desire to own an Air, but they could not afford one. He does know that what the world would most love right now would be a good, compelling $25,000 - $30,000 electric car, but he explains that it would only be a feasible project for a company that had a massive production facility capable of churning out cars in vast numbers - Lucid is not currently there, but the prospect is not excluded in the future.

The video is almost half-an-hour long, and Rawlinson goes into a lot of detail, but if you’re thinking of buying a Lucid Air or are just interested to know how the company is doing, then by all means watch it all the way to the end, as it is packed with insider information.

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