Before the turn of the decade, if you were interested in a fully electric SUV, your options were minimal. Now, with more legacy automakers making the switch, the market has broadened significantly.

Today, you can walk out of a dealership with an electric SUV for less than $40,000! If you are financially savvy or a marketer, the price could plummet to less than $30,000 if you factor in local and state tax credits.

The list of available and soon-to-be-available electric SUVs is expanding, so let's dive into which models you can buy right now and which ones will be available soon and even in the farther off future.

For up-to-date specs, including price, range, power, 0-60 MPH times and so much more, check out our comprehensive Compare EVs guide here.

2021 Electric SUVs

These electric SUVs are either currently available right now or very soon. There are quite a few options, including Teslas, a Ford, an Audi, a Volkswagen, and more. Remember, all pricing, range, and release date mentions apply to the U.S. market only. Let's see what's available in the electric SUV category for 2021.


2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Front Quarter

The Ford Mustang Mach-e has proven itself as one of the best new Ford crossovers. Unlike other Ford models, the Mach-e has a near-completely bespoke interior, making it feel much more different from your typical Ford. With the entry-level battery and the single motor rear-drive setup, the Mach-e can go 230 miles on a single charge. The Extended Range RWD model can achieve over 305 miles, making it the first non-Tesla to break the 300-mile threshold.

  • Release Date: Available now
  • Pricing: Starting from $42,895
  • Electric Range: 211 to 300 miles
  • Base Power: 266 HP
  • Tax Credit: Up to $7,500

2021 Audi e-tron

Audi E-Tron Sportback Black Edition

The 2021 Audi e-tron hit the market strong, featuring improved range and lower pricing than the previous model year. The e-tron features a conservatively designed exterior complementing a pleasantly laid-out interior composed of high-quality materials. The e-tron is also a very pleasant driving machine with quick acceleration and air suspension as standard in every model.


For the 2023 model, a large update and facelift is rumored with far more range and much better performance.

  • Release Date: Available now
  • Pricing: $65,900 / $69,100
  • Electric Range: 222 miles
  • Base Power:355 horsepower (402 in Boost Mode)
  • Tax Credit: Available $7,500 federal tax credit

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Interior

Despite the Bolt EUV being the most affordable SUV on this list, it is still a highly competitive vehicle. Unlike the current generation Bolt, the Bolt EUV is six inches longer. It provides a far more substantial interior, available Super Cruise (no lane change), and many more available interior amenities like a panoramic sunroof and ventilated seats.

What hasn't changed is the 150kW front-mounted motor, which still packs a punch, but there's no option for an AWD dual-motor setup.

  • Release Date: Available now
  • Pricing: $33,995
  • Electric Range: 247 miles
  • Base Power: 200 horsepower 
  • Tax Credit: No federal credit currently available

2022 Hyundai Kona Electric

New Hyundai Kona Electric in Europe

The Hyundai Kona Electric is Hyundai's first electric crossover, and it shares its platform with the similarly-priced Kia Niro EV. With quick acceleration, a nice interior, and an industry-leading 5-year basic warranty, the Kona Electric is a great option.

One drawback is its size; the Kona is relatively small for a crossover measuring in at just 165 inches, which is just one inch longer than a Bolt EV or 22 inches shorter than a Model Y.

  • Release Date: Available now
  • Pricing: $37,390
  • Electric Range: 258 miles
  • Base Power: 201 horsepower
  • Tax Credit: Available $7,500 federal tax credit

2022 Jaguar i-Pace

Jaguar I-Pace Black (2021)

Jaguar's first electric SUV has been refined for the 2022 model year with slight design tweaks and many more features for the same price. Instead of offering multiple trims, like the S, SE, and HSE, Jaguar now just offers the HSE for $69,900, which is includes tons of options. 

The 2022 i-Pace is also equipped with Jaguar's latest infotainment system, called the Pivo Pro. What hasn't changed is the dual-motor setup making 394 horsepower and 512 lb-ft of torque. Along with the tremendous on-road performance, the i-Pace offers air suspension as standard, allowing for up to 8.5 inches of ground clearance (that will probably never be used). 

  • Release Date: Available now
  • Pricing: $69,900
  • Range: 234 miles
  • Base Power: 394 horsepower
  • Tax Credit: Available $7,500 federal tax credit

2021 Kia Niro EV

2021 Kia Niro EV

Sharing the same platform as the Hyundai Kona Electric, the Niro EV is slightly larger and offers different styling. While the Kona Electric has a very distinct design language, the Niro appears more conservative in its exterior and interior appearance. The Niro EV has a little less range than the Kona Electric, with a difference of 19 miles. Still, at 238 miles, the range is more than ample, and with 200 horsepower, it provides just enough power to impress.

  • Release Date: Available now
  • Pricing: $39,090
  • Range: 239 miles
  • Base Power: 201 horsepower
  • Tax Credit: Available $7,500 federal tax credit

2021 Tesla Model Y

2021 Tesla Model Y

If you want the most range, great performance, and a dual-motor AWD setup for under $55,000, you cannot go wrong with the Tesla Model Y. Compared to the Mach-e and ID.4, the Model Y's $53,990 price and the lack of a tax credit makes it much more costly.

For a brief period earlier this year, the Model Y Standard Range was sold for $41,990 and subsequently reduced to $39,990 before being canceled. A rumored Long Range RWD model is imminent, which would have a less expensive purchase price of around $45,000. Along with lower pricing, the RWD would have more range, but acceleration times would be a bit slower. 

  • Release Date: Available now
  • Pricing: Starting from $53,990
  • Range: 303 to 326 miles
  • Base Power:384 horsepower
  • Tax Credit: No federal tax credit available

2021 Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen ID.4 First Edition

Possibly one of Volkswagen's most ardent vehicles yet, the ID.4 is America's first VW sold based on the MEB platform. Unlike the electrified Niro and Kona, the ID.4 will offer two motor layouts: a 200 horsepower RWD and a 302 horsepower AWD configuration.

The ID.4 is six inches shorter than the Mach-e, but it still provides ample interior space and a nicely laid-out interior. Compared to its main competition, it is noticeably more sluggish, and there is no front trunk or an option for one-pedal driving. A coupe-version of the ID.4 called the ID.5 is due next year.

  • Release Date: Available now
  • Pricing: $39,995
  • Range: 250 miles
  • Base Power: 200 horsepower
  • Tax Credit:Available $7,500 federal tax credit

2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge

2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge

The XC40 Recharge is Volvo's most powerful XC40, with a staggering 215 horsepower jump over the base gasoline-powered variant. The XC40 Recharge is the group's Compact Modular Architecture platform, present in the Polestar 2 and several other Geely products.

The only compromise with the XC40 is the 208 miles of range, which puts it around the Standard AWD Mach-e and 2019 Audi e-tron territory. Aside from the range, the XC40 Recharge has a conventional design, great interior comfort, and excellent overall build quality.

  • Release Date: Available now
  • Pricing: $53,990
  • Range: 208 miles
  • Base Power: 402 horsepower
  • Tax Credit: Available $7,500 federal tax credit

2022 Electric SUVs

The electric SUV segment will expand significantly for the 2022 Model Year (some models will hit the market in late 2021, while others will arrive in 2022). Just look at the huge list of 2022 electric SUVs below and it looks like this is the year for the explosion of electric sports utility vehicles.

Many notable makes will join the scene and some "start-ups" will too. If you can wait until 2022 to buy an electric SUV, then your choices will be vast. 


2022 Audi Q4 e-tron

Audi Q4 e-tron

The Q4 e-tron is set to be Audi's lowest-priced EV yet, priced $20,000 under the current e-tron. It will share the same MEB platform as the ID.4 and offer both the 200 hp RWD and the 302 hp dual-motor setup.

The Q4 e-tron will feature an interior with parallels to the e-tron aside from a push-button drive selector and a different climate control layout. 

  • Pricing: ~$45,000
  • Range: 280 miles 
  • Release Date: 2022

2023 Audi Q6 e-tron 

2023 Audi Q6 E-Tron Spy Shots

Little is known about Audi's upcoming electric crossover, but spy shots reveal that the Q6 e-tron is in the works. Since the Q6 e-tron looks to be sized in between the Q4 e-tron and the regular e-tron SUV, the price is expected to be somewhere in the middle too. Its expected release date is in late 2022, and once it releases, Audi will have three electric SUVs in its American lineup.

  • Pricing: ~$55,000
  • Range: 300 miles 
  • Release Date: Late 2022

2022 BMW iX


After seven model years of the i3, and five years of the plug-in X5, BMW has finally decided to enter the U.S. market with a fully electric SUV. The iX resides in the luxury electric SUV domain, and its main competition is the Audi e-tron, Jaguar i-Pace, and Tesla Model X.

For the iX to compete in this market, it is set to provide 300 miles of range and a maximum power output of 500 horsepower. This power output will put it roughly in line with the X5 M50i.

  • Pricing: ~$80,000
  • Range: 300 miles 
  • Release Date: 2022

2022 Bollinger B1

Bollinger B1 And B2

Imagine a Hummer, but with an interior that screams the '60s; that's the Bollinger B1. The B1 is a rugged, utilitarian SUV, with a massive 142kWh pack. Due to its large size and block-like design, the pack can only provide 200 miles of range. However, the B1 is highly capable with 15 inches of ground clearance and a dual motor setup providing over 600 horsepower. 

  • Pricing: $125,000
  • Range: 200 miles 
  • Release Date: Late 2021


The Byton M-Byte is an e-tron-sized, tech-centric SUV with a sub-$50,000 starting price. The M-Byte boasts a massive 48-inch 4K display and a 7-inch display in the steering wheel. The RWD model makes around 270 horsepower, and the AWD variant makes 400. Two battery packs are available: 72 and 95kWh.

  • Pricing: ~$45,000
  • Range: Low to mid-200s*(speculative)
  • Release Date: First quarter of 2022

2022 Cadillac Lyriq

2023 Cadillac Lyriq Front

Cadillac is not new to EVs, in fact, they made a coupe called the ELR based on the Volt architecture back in 2014. Unlike the ELR, the Lyriq is an SUV made to compete with the i-Pace, e-tron, and BMW iX. The range and pricing seem pretty competitive, especially coming in at just around the $60,000 mark.

Like most avant-garde Cadillacs, the Lyriq will feature GM's Super Cruise with lane change on demand. 

  • Pricing: $60,000*(speculative)
  • Range: 300 miles 
  • Release Date: 2022

2022 Fisker Ocean

Fisker Ocean

Henrik Fisker, the former CEO of Fisker Automotive and now CEO of Fisker Inc., has decided to enter an entirely different industry sector. Instead of releasing an ultra-luxury hybrid sedan with a six-figure tag, the Ocean is a crossover priced under $40,000, which is becoming an increasingly large market.

Very little is known about the production version's exact specs, but more details will materialize during the LA Autoshow. What is known is that it'll feature an interior composed of sustainably sourced and recycled materials and a solar roof, which is essentially Henrik's signature at this point.

  • Pricing: $37,499
  • Range: 250-350 miles*(speculative)
  • Release Date: Late 2022

2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 charging

The IONIQ 5 is Hyundai's first vehicle based on a dedicated EV platform. The IONIQ 5 will reside atop a 77.4 kWh pack with an 800V architecture. Unlike the Kona Electric, the IONIQ 5 will feature a bespoke interior and an exterior hardly reminiscent of any other Hyundai.

Unlike the images, the IONIQ 5 is actually quite large, sitting at one inch longer than the ID.4.

  • Pricing: $45,000 *(speculative)
  • Range: Mid to upper-200s *(speculative and dependent upon battery pack option)
  • Release Date: Fall 2021

2022 Karma GX-1

Karma GX-1 Electric SUV rendering

The Karma GX-1 is Karma Automotive's first SUV. Like the GS Series, Karma has decided to produce a fully electric and a range-extended model. The fully electric GX-1 should achieve around 300 miles on a single charge.

Unlike the GS Series, which starts at $80,000, the GX-1 Series is speculated to start at a lower price point. For Karma, this is a bold move as this price point and design holds a large potential customer base.

  • Pricing: $60,000*(speculative)
  • Range: 300 miles*(speculative)
  • Release Date: 2022

2022 Kia EV6

Kia EV6 fast charging at IONITY

Kia, now KIA, and Hyundai are sharing platforms to produce the IONIQ 5 and the EV6. While both vehicles share little design DNA with their predecessors, the IONIQ 5 features flat body panels and honed edges, whereas the EV6 has a more curvaceous design language.

The EV6 also has a "GT" variant that produces 577 horsepower. Yes, this is the same company that previously used dancing hamsters as advertisement material for the 120 horsepower neon green Soul. Times certainly have changed.

  • Pricing: $45,000*(speculative)
  • Range: Mid to upper-200s*(speculative and dependent upon battery pack option)
  • Release Date: Fall 2021

Mazda MX-30

Mazda MX-30 road test in Romania

The MX-30 is Mazda's most unconventional SUV yet. It's the brand's first EV, and it's Mazda's first SUV with RX-8-style doors. The crossover features a rather small 35.5kWh battery, which allows for range numbers to reside in the low 100s.

The MX-30's motor makes just over 140 horsepower, which permits a zero-to-sixty time of around nine seconds. To combat the lackluster range, the automaker will offer a range-extended variant featuring a rotary engine as a generator.

  • Pricing: $38,000*(speculative)
  • Range: 130 miles*(speculative)
  • Release Date: Late 2021

2022 Nissan Ariya


After over a decade of Leaf production, Nissan has decided to enter the electrified crossover segment with the Ariya. Unlike the Leaf, the Ariya will finally feature a liquid-cooled pack and an optional dual-motor setup. There's also a long-range pack available that should go upwards of 300 miles on a charge.

Size-wise, the Ariya is two inches shorter than the Rogue. 

  • Pricing: $40,000* (speculative)
  • Range: 223 miles* (speculative)
  • Release Date: Early 2022

2023 Polestar 3

Polestar 3

Polestar’s foundation in the United States market is quickly growing, but selling six-figure coupes and $60,000 sedans won’t cut it. By the end of the year, Polestar will offer an entry-level 2 and discontinue the 1, which acted more like a halo car than anything else. After that, the 3 will get released. It’s a luxury electric SUV predicted to compete with other high-end electric SUVs like the e-tron and i-Pace.

  • Pricing: $70,000* (speculative)
  • Range: 310 miles* (speculative)
  • Release Date: Mid to late 2022


2022 Porsche Macan Electric

2021 Porsche Macan EV

Unlike the ID.4 and the Q4 e-tron, the Macan Electric will reside on an entirely new electric platform, dubbed the PPE (Premium Platform Electric). The Macan Electric should go around 300 miles on a charge and feature the same 800V battery tech as in the Taycan.

Very little is known about this vehicle yet, but the design and size should be similar to the ICE Macan.

  • Pricing: $60,000* (speculative)
  • Range: 300 miles* (speculative)
  • Release Date: 2022

2022 Rivian R1S

Rivian R1S

The Rivian R1S is the SUV version of the R1T, and it costs $2,500 more than the truck. The R1S will pose great competition to the Tesla Model X, the only seven-seat electric SUV on the market now.

Unlike the Model X's coupe-like form factor, the R1S has a more traditional design language, which would presumably give the third-row riders more headroom as well as more rear space. With its quad-motor powertrain, the R1S will be able to execute a "Tank Turn" and accelerate to sixty miles per hour in just 3 seconds.

  • Pricing: Starting at $70,000
  • Range: 300+ miles
  • Release Date: Q1 2022

2023 Subaru Solterra

Subaru Solterra rendering

Subaru and Toyota have jointly worked together to develop an electric platform for both the Solterra and the bZ4X. Interestingly, this isn't Subaru's first electrified model based on a Toyota platform. The Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid actually utilizes components from the Prius Prime. The Solterra's specs will likely be nearly identical to the Toyota bZ4X, most likely including the dual-motor setup as standard.

  • Pricing: Around $40,000
  • Range: 250-300 miles
  • Release Date: 2022  

2022 Tesla Model X

2021 Tesla Model X

In its fifth model year and second iteration, the Tesla Model X will be better than ever. In the nascent phase of production, the base X 60D went zero to sixty in 6 seconds and had 200 miles of range.

Now the base 2021 Tesla Model X goes zero to sixty in 3.8 seconds and has 360 miles of range. Alas, there is a higher trim available for purchase: the Plaid. The Tesla Model X Plaid makes a jaw-dropping 1,020 horsepower and can demolish a quarter-mile in less than ten seconds.

New for 2021 is a redesigned interior with ventilated seats, a 22-speaker audio system, and enough infotainment gaming power to rival consoles. 

  • Pricing: Starting at $99,990
  • Range: 360 miles
  • Release Date: Early 2022 

2023 Toyota bZ4X

Toyota bZ4X BEV concept

Toyota sold the first production hybrid back in the '90s, but ever since, Toyota's EV game has been lagging. However, the bZ4X will be Toyota's chance to get a spot in the electric SUV sector. Its delivery date is set to be sometime in 2022, but other than that, very little is known. The only thing that has been revealed is that the bZ4X will arrive with a dual-motor AWD setup as standard. Prices are expected to be similar to the RAV4 Prime: around the $40,000 mark.

  • Pricing: Around $40,000
  • Range: 250-300 miles
  • Release Date: 2022 

2022 VW ID.5 


The ID.5 is the coupe version of the ID.4. The motors and batteries will be the same, and the only difference will be a sloped roof. There's also going to be a performance "GTX" variant with 302 horsepower. Zero to sixty in the GTX should be around six seconds.

  • Pricing: Low $40,000s
  • Range: 250 miles
  • Release Date: Late 2021 or early 2022

Vinfast VFe35 and VFe36

VinFast President SUV

Vietnamese EV brand Vinfast plans on creating a United States presence with its SUVs. The VFe35 and VFe36 will arrive in California in spring 2022. The VFe36 is a little over a foot longer than the VFe35. The VFe35 is a Model Y and Mach-e competitor, whereas the VFe36 targets the Rivian R1S and Model X. The VFe36 comes with AWD as standard, but it's optional in the VFe35.

  • Pricing: $50,000-$100,000* (speculative)
  • Range: 300 miles
  • Release Date: Spring 2022

2022 Volkswagen ID.6 

Volkswagen ID.6

The ID.6 is Volkswagen's larger EV, and it is potentially going to be the least expensive, practical (sorry Model Y) third-row electric SUV. The AWD variant of the ID.6 is set to make around 302 horsepower, which is adequate, but not notable for a ~5,000 lb SUV.

From certain spy shots, it appears that the interior is quite similar to the ID.4, but we expect some minor changes. Its target is the Chinese market, but some speculate it'll eventually hit the U.S. market.

  • Pricing: $50,000*(speculative)
  • Range: Mid-200s*(speculative)
  • Release Date: Early 2022

2022 Volvo C40 Recharge

2022 Volvo C40 Recharge

The Volvo C40 Recharge is the coupe-variant of the electrified XC40. It shares the same platform with the Polestar 2 and the XC40 Recharge. This platform will give the C40 402 horsepower, which has proven zero to sixty times in the mid-4 second range. It can go 210 miles on a single charge, which is decent, but not necessarily great for a near $60,000 crossover.

  • Pricing: $59,845
  • Range: 210 miles
  • Release Date: Late 2021

Future Electric SUVs

Farther into the future, we see at least two highly capable electric SUVs in the pipeline. One is an SUV version of the GMC Hummer electric pickup truck, while the other will be Lucid's first electric SUV called the Gravity. Surely more electric SUVs will join this future list soon and we'll update this section as more are announced.

2023 GMC Hummer SUV Edition 1

2024 GMC Hummer EV SUV Front

Once the GMC Hummer SUV Edition 1 releases, it will be one of the most capable electric SUVs available. Like the pickup version, the tri-motor powertrain and all its quirky features, like Crabwalk, will come in the SUV.

Zero to sixty in “Watts to Freedom” mode should take just 3.5 seconds in the SUV, but the pickup can do 3. The only feature not mentioned is third-row seating, which most would expect in an SUV of this size. 

  • Pricing: $105,595
  • Range: 300+ miles
  • Release Date: Early 2023

2023 Lucid Gravity

Check Out This Lucid Gravity Rendering Emerge In Front Of Your Eyes

Despite no deliveries yet for the Air sedan, Lucid has already teased “Project Gravity,” the framework for an upcoming SUV. The Lucid Gravity will sit on the LEAP (Lucid Electric Advanced Platform), and it should hold an aesthetic resemblance to the Air. There are no definitive range and performance estimates, but most would expect a drop from the Air’s numbers.

  • Pricing: $79,900*(speculative)
  • Range: High 300s*(speculative)
  • Release Date: 2023

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV

Mercedes EQS SUV Spy Photos

Unlike the Mercedes EQC, the EQS SUV is a larger, more premium SUV. The EQS SUV will most likely feature the same 107.8 kWh pack as in the EQS sedan. The sedan and the SUV variants of the EQS will reside on the same electric platform. Most likely, there will be a RWD and AWD configuration.

The in-dash 56-inch "Hyperscreen," which has already debuted and caused controversy, will also be carried over. The EQS should be a notch above the e-tron and I-Pace in terms of pricing, but that'll also accompany more range.

  • Pricing: $100,000*(speculative)
  • Range: High 300s*(speculative)
  • Release Date: 2023


What is the best electric SUV to buy?

If range and driving performance are at your utmost concern, the $50,490 Model Y Dual Motor will not fail to impress. Compared to its competition, it provides more range, better overall performance, unparalleled user connectivity, and access to Tesla's Supercharging network. If price is your main deciding factor, then the Bolt EUV, starting at $33,995, should be on your list. With around 250 miles of range, 200 horsepower, and many standard safety features, it is a great deal.

What electric SUVs are available now?

Today, you can walk out of the dealership with an e-tron, Mach-e, i-Pace, Model Y, or an ID.4 First Edition. The Kona Electric and Niro EVs are available, but their availability is minimal at the vast majority of Hyundai and Kia dealerships. The Volvo XC40 Recharge is available for test drives at most dealerships, but they'll likely have to special order the vehicles for your purchase.

What electric SUV has the best range?

The Tesla Model X, shipping this summer, can go 360 miles on a single charge, making it the longest-range electric SUV yet. In the coming years, the Lucid Gravity could achieve more, but very little information is available now.

What is the cheapest electric SUV?

The lowest-priced electric SUV will be the Chevrolet Bolt EUV, coming out this summer. It will start at $33,995.

Is there a four-wheel-drive electric SUV?

Almost every new electric SUV will come with or offer an option for four-wheel drive. The Bolt EUV, Kia Niro EV, Hyundai Kona Electric, and Mazda MX-30 will be front-wheel-drive only.
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